World Encephalitis Day

22 Feb


22 February 2014

Today is World Encephalitis Day.

As a supporter, my aim is to raise awareness, connect with you readers and ensure that you understand all about Encephalitis.

For most of you, it may be the first time coming across this word ‘Encephalitis’.

Encephalitis is the acute inflammation/swelling up of the brain resulting either from a viral infection or when the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacks brain tissue. There are several types of Encephalitis, one of which is Auto Immune Encephalitis.

It occurs when the immune system attacks the healthy organs and tissues as if they were foreign. Instead of useful antibodies that attack infections or harmful foreign substances, the immune system may produce antibodies directed at normal body tissue causing problems with normal function.

What are some symptoms to look out for?

Well, a minor one would be headaches, fever and it worsens to seizures, confusion, loss of confusion and even death. So do not take your headaches lightly (especially those of you who experience frequent headaches)! From my personal experience, these headaches started when I was much younger, probably 16 years old? I recall myself either complaining to my family and friends about frequent headaches. They would be those kind of headaches at the side of your forehead. I’m allergic to panadol so whenever I got those headaches, I would usually just sleep it off (if I was home) if not, let the headache just fade off.

Never did I think those were the very early symptoms of my neurological condition, Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis. I know so because I rarely get these headaches now that I’ve received treatment. If I do get them, it is during my menstrual cycle or the extremely hot weather here in Singapore. Now that I’ve mentioned about receiving treatment, it has been almost a year since I was under immuno-therapy suggested by my neurologist.

Time really has past by too quickly! Don’t you think so?! Time DOES NOT wait for you.

It is true. So many of us procrastinate (yes, I’m guilty of it too), if you have a goal in mind, go for it !! Of course, if it is a major decision, you will have to do more planning, the consequences etc. Last year I was to graduate from my university with a business degree but due to my sudden diagnosis, I had to defer.

Dear readers, please do not think that having this neurological condition of mine is a setback. It has made me a stronger person today. It has made me look at life in a different light. Life is not always smooth sailing, definitely not a bed of roses for me. Life taught me to appreciate the little things we tend to take for granted. For example, our ability to walk, talk, eat or even bathe ourselves. These basic daily things, I could not do when I was hospitalised. So back to time, and going for your goal. I won’t say I lost close to a year of time when I deferred from my uni studies because in fact, time has pushed me to further my passion which is BAKING! I know being in a country which values one’s paper qualifications, most parents/students would be against my decision to become a pastry chef because I had the opportunity to join the corporate world.

It was a major decision to make and I have no regrets till today. I’m enjoying every bit of school (just completed my first term at ‘At-Sunrice’). I don’t think I have been this happy/confident about making this decision myself. I believe I’m on the correct path. And since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (yes, I’m typing this draft in advance), I would like to share this post with EVERYONE who has been through this entire journey with me. You know who you are, my dear family and friends, no need for names. Not forgetting the medical team AND the MAN above!! Valentine’s Day is not only a day to share with your other half but with your other loved ones. They have stuck with me through thick and thin, accepting, supporting, loving and caring for me. Thank you for entering my life. Thank you for making me who I am today. Each one of you are my pillars of strength. What would I be without you guys. I love you. xoxo

So what did I take home from this condition I’m slowly but surely recovering from. Besides that life isn’t all that smooth and that time waits for no one, I have learnt that change begins with YOU. I had to accept the fact that I was diagnosed with this and face the side effects of the medication. Resisting wouldn’t help so yes, I had to be mentally strong. If you read my previous or rather my first few entries, I posted a lot on optimism. All so that I could remain strong inside. I think you get my point? So I just want to encourage all current/recovering patients of illnesses be it mental, cancer etc, it isn’t the end of the world. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss  Believe in yourself because only you can make a difference.

Please continue to spread the love and raise awareness of ‘Encephalitis’.

If keen, more information can be found here >>

Susannah Cahalan shares her personal experience. She wrote a book now New York Times Best Seller Take a look at her website>>

Thank you for your time.

Love, D

Finger power

8 Feb




Rainbow macarons












I know, I always start off by saying how I’ve neglected this blog of mine blah blah blah.

So to start things off differently, isn’t that pic of the MACARON TOWER pretty or what!?

I took this during my Chinese New Year visit  (I know, macarons for CNY? = no link) Anyway, my uncle bought and shared it with my other relatives. The macarons were too pretty, we just stared in awe initially before indulging in them. Don’t you think the colours just brightens up your day or just for that few minutes/moments? Well it worked on me! Which brings me to why I was feeling down.

If this is your first time reading my blog, something you have to know about me is that I’m currently studying to become a pastry chef so being in the kitchen is like my second home. So, an unfortunate incident happened to me during my practical assessment just last week. Any guesses?!

Yup, that’s right. I cut myself. Not a minor but MAJOR one. ): HALF my nail plus some flesh beneath it was cut off while I was using the chef knife. Ah yes, terrible terrible bloody scene. Even when the medic was helping me bandage it, I could feel my finger throbbing. I am so glad I didn’t faint. I don’t think you would want to see a pic of it or imagine. Argh, I was really careless and of course, there isn’t anyone else to blame but myself. Got to admit, I wasn’t fully concentrating too. And yes, as I am typing this, I am typing with my ring finger bandaged up.

So yes, I was down during that last week. I had to stop my practical assessment halfway through, head to the docs as my finger was bleeding for 15 mins or more. 2 days later, I was back in the kitchen, finishing up what I had left out. I was at a disadvantage obviously. Working with a bandaged finger and gloves wasn’t my ideal way of completing my practical assessment but I had to go along with it. I MADE IT through anyway so hooray!!

Another challenging thing was/still is when it comes to bathing myself. I was instructed to keep the wound as dry as possible so each time I bathe, I wrap my left hand with a plastic bag. So yup, it was/still is challenging for me especially when it comes to washing of my hair/face. I then realised how much I took my fingers for granted. How the little/minor daily things I do with my fingers. Almost everything I do such as this (typing), washing, eating etc is affected! I was close to giving up while bathing one night because I got so frustrated with myself for not being able to scrub my hair properly. then memories of my hospitalisation came back to me (nurses had to bathe me that time) But I assured myself, this isn’t permanent. I will get better and stuff. OPTIMISM IS KEY!!

It’s close to 2 weeks since my very first and hopefully last major cut. Doc said it’ll take about a month or so for my nail to fully grow. I’m monitoring it v v closely. Oh yes, which reminds me, onto my health issues.. my next blood test is next week including my doc appt! Hoping for nothing but good news of course!!

I’m currently on my term break (2 weeks is better than none!) So, I gotta make full use of it. One week has almost gone by. I went cycling yesterday with a few classmates of mine and we got sun burnt! ): But all was fun nonetheless plus good exercise! Hope to cycle next week and yes, not forgetting= BAKE!! I have to find time to update my baking blog too! It’s in the ‘remote’ stage whoops!

Alright! It’s way past my bedtime, so till my next post! Maybe one more just before I commence my internship (time is flying by too quickly, I need time to pause). thanks dear followers/new readers for your time! Have a FAB Feb ahead!! *remember to not take your fingers for granted! Lesson learnt : watch where the blade is.

Love, D


Bring it on 2014!!

19 Jan

Hello dear readers/current and new followers!!

I know this space has been pretty boring, my sincere apologies.

Anyway, we’re in the middle of Jan 2014!! How time really flies. How has your new year been so far? I hope you had a good time spent with your loved ones like how I did. This new year started out differently compared to my other new years because on the 2nd day of 2014, I went on a short trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam together with some of my friends.

It was my first time flying to Vietnam and despite researching on their weather, cultural sites etc, nothing beats being physically there, soaking in the atmosphere. I would say, the vast number of motorbikes I saw on the roads daily were a bit overwhelming for me! The feeling was a little like Bangkok? Weather, just like Singapore’s. But it gets pretty cool at night, which is good. I was fortunate enough to have my friend’s uncle who kindly brought or recommended us shopping, cultural sites and not forgetting….the food!! Even though we were in Vietnam, we went to this French restaurant where I was very impressed by it’s chef/owner who personally explained the menu(which was written in French) to my friends and I. He not only explained to my table but to every table in the restaurant. TRULY FIRST CLASS SERVICE!! Huge thumbs up!!

I visited the Cu Chi tunnel, Independence Palace and War remnants Museum as well as the Notre Dame Cathedral! Learnt lots of history especially the war times in Vietnam. I also met  an Italian couple who were very friendly and my friends and I found out that they were flying to Singapore a few days later so we offered to show them around since it is our hometown. It was a good weekend spent with them! so back to my trip…ah yes, shopping was WHoooo! Bargaining was a must if not, you’d be cheated! Foodwise, those with weak stomachs, best to be cautious. Time past so quickly, before I knew it, I was back home. Good trip indeed! (:

Moving onto school life, term 1 is coming to an end. Meaning…my internship will be commencing soon! Mixed emotions, more towards the positive light. I’ll be working at a production site. Down side? It’s a 6 day work week. But plus points are that I don’t hve to work on public hol. More importantly, I’ll be rotating to different areas such as cakes, cookies, bread, chocolate every 3 months. So I’m pretty excited. Hope I’ll have the strength to cope physcially and mentally. Next week, is basic bread week. Do you like bread? My dad and I can live on bread alone. I love love baguette especially! Yum yum.

Moving onto life medically, my next doc appointment and blood test is next month! Hoping for the best. The flu bug’s around, I unfortunately caught it just after my Vietnam trip ): No one likes being sick. It just makes me feel so lethargic?? Ugh, just hate hate hate it. NEED TO GET WELL NOW! Anyway, onto my NMDAR condition, it has been pretty stable. Just to make it clear to whoever, it is NOT a mental illness. Patients are misdiagnosed due to the bizzare behaviour that they display thus landing them into a mental hospital but but BUT this happens because of the brain is ‘on fire’. I’m sure if you google brain on fire, a former patient/author named Susannah Cahalan has a book and website where you can get more info on NMDAR.

In addition to this, if I’m not wrong, 22 Feb 2014 is World Encephalitis Day.

I hope more awareness would be shared and spread throughout the world. Your part will definitely make a difference!

Till here, I will try to post more often! Thanks for your constant support readers/followers (:

Love, D


Chocolate is..

11 Dec

Hello dear readers/followers!

Its been awhile since I last blogged. I’ve been school-ing for slightly more than a month now and yes, I’m learning a lot a lot alot. I’m like a sponge, absorbing as much learnt everyday.. I’m still thankful for having this opportunity to be taught by all the skilled chefs and for meeting different people/faces, learning to adapt to their working styles or personality.

Change has been a big part of my life this year.  I will reflect more on it during my next post hopefully.










Right now, I want to share some stuff on chocolate (also trying to recall yesterday’s lesson). I had an ‘intro to chocolate’ lecture by Chef Vincent from Valrhona and found it quite interesting and different in terms of learning style because I got to do some sampling(rather than boring sit down 2hr lectures with no interaction)! (:

It started off with chef asking us to share the one word that comes to my classmates’ and my mind when we think of chocolate. There were words like sweet, bitter, hungry, difficult, delicious. I said divine. I had another in mind which was classic! We had a good laugh at some. Moving on, one essential thing to know is that chocolate comes from aromatic cocoa beans! This bean is 45-48% dry extract and 52-55% cocoa butter. And in order to MAKE chocolate, there are 3 main components which are cocoa dried extract, cocoa butter and sugar!

Next up was some sampling of those components!!

It kept our senses alive!! The cocoa beans were bitter but when added with sugar, definitely helped in the taste! Cocoa butter helps prevent the chocolate from melting easily. Try placing a chocolate on your palm. It doesn’t melt as fast compared to when it is in your mouth due to the difference in temperature. Cocoa butter also has the capacity to convert to either solid or liquid fat.

Chef said chocolates are similar to wine whereby both have different qualities, different types etc.

Another sampling set I got to try was 4 types of dark chocolate( I LOVE dark choc btw) of different origin and percentage. I wasn’t aware of the names and was supposed to taste all and choose my favourite. It turned out that I liked the freshest one among all!! It’s called Taiinori in French, meaning it’s of perfect condition, very fresh 64% dark choc. The others were Caraibe (66%), Manjari (64%) and Alpaco (66%). Caraibe had not much flavour while alpaco was fruity and manjari tasted okay but due to its high level of acidity, its’ condition isn’t as fresh as Taiinori.

This was not all we learnt during our intro lecture but my eyes are closing..I’m off for a nap (to rejuvenate as well!).

I’m looking forward to my next choc lesson! Hopefully not too much mess.

The time of the year is coming too ***CHRISTMAS*** yay!! It”d probably be one of my last holidays celebrated as my internship will be in Feb? I’m half excited/nervous. Well more excited. Like the saying goes, we’ll never know unless we try.

Alright, so stay tuned to my next post if I have the time! If not, MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!! Go celebrate with your loved ones. Christmas is a time to share, care, love and basically spread joy to everyone even enemies. Have a blessed holiday in advance (:

Love, D

Day 21

26 Nov


So why day 21?  If you haven’t read my other blog, I learnt from school that it takes 21 days to build a habit!

And it takes 100,000 hrs to master a skill! How about that!?

So yes, I’ve a longgggg way to go to be a master pastry chef.

Another thing I learnt is the 3 components of a habit: skills, knowledge and DESIRE!!

Desire beats everything because I believe that only with the right attitude and mindset, can we achieve something! :D

Yesterday, Chef Megel talked to us students at Sunrice that CHARACTER + COMPETENCE = SUCCESS!

It all begins with a dream. And it depends on how much you REALLY want it. That’s where our character plays a part. Every individual is different by nature. Some may be achievers some may be learners and so on. Once you grow to know yourself better, learning the skills and knowledge aids in the ‘competence’ area. That’s where Sunrice helps teach us the work culture, the foundation/basics of baking etc. Thus making us competent in the industry.

One word that I still remember during the first week of school is to be HUMBLE. Chef Mac told us to be humble. He said you can’t have a glass full of water but rather glass 3/4 filled so in other words, to learn from others and not be arrogant, thinking that you know everything. I thought that was a good example because we are learning continuously no matter how old/senior you are in the industry. So BE HUMBLE (:

Yesterday was day 21 where my classmates and I had to sit for a test. We were tested on the school’s vision, mission and more. I think having this day 21 helps in ‘forcing’ us to remember the important facts so that we can apply it to our daily lives, not necessarily in school but outside as well. As the saying goes, “first impression always counts”.

I have a practical test on Thursday. It is on pre-mixes. I have to bake muffins (from pre-mix) and vienna cookies. I’m anti pre-mix but oh well, this is a test, I have to get it right. there shouldn’t be any errors if a pre-mix is used so I have to bake them well no matter what!! During our lesson on pre-mix, I was so used to using a machine to do the mixing so when I was told we had to do it by hand, I found it really tough. Talk about manual labour!! All in all, it was for the experience. That was how bakers in the olden days prepared their products!

I’ll be learning Indian bread on Friday>>parata!! Definitely excited for this one. Before I leave, here’s a picture of my vienna cookies that I made on Sunday. Family loved it, yipee!

Vienna cookies practice 24 nov2013









Thanks for taking this time to read!

Love, D

Honeymoon period

17 Nov

Hi dear followers/readers!

Yes, with reference to my above entry title: ‘honeymoon period’, you must be wondering whaaaaat?!


Because it has been 3 weeks since I started school and it really has been interesting. I’ve learnt A TON! (both in theory and during hands on lessons) One of the biggest highlights of this month was celebrating my birthday in school. I think this is probably my first time that I actually enjoyed celebrating my birthday in school. My sweet classmates surprised me with lovely cupcakes (which they baked btw) and sang a song. My chef had the same birthday as me too so we celebrated together. It was sucha good start to my week! Monday bluezzz all gone! (:

So basically these first few weeks, were focused more on the basics and theory, a few demos by chefs and I got to do some hands on too. I kneaded my first challah bread!! *magic hands* – amazing what our hands can produce such delish baked goodies!! I had fun, as always. I need to practice more on my kneading though. I don’t have the pics with me now. I’ll probably post them up next time!!

I look forward to school everyday, so that’s a good sign right? According the one of my chefs, he said now is the honeymoon period. Reality sinks in when attachment begins. Eek! I hope I get into a good apprenticeship site!! *cross fingers*

I’ll be having practical lessons for the whole of next week, YAY!! I’m absolutely thrilled. Gonna be learning baking/mixing/piping methods etc. Ahhh I just CAN’T WAIT. Now, I gotta cut my nails (obeying grooming standards of ‘At-Sunrice’).

I will update when I find time! Thanks for stopping by readers

Love, D


4 Nov

Hi everyone, so yes, school at ‘At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’ has commenced!

It has been a week already!! Time is just passing by too quickly. Too quickly that I couldn’t find myself time to sit here and update this space!!

Well… so my first week of school was interesting! Despite the early mornings, ensuring my grooming is tip-top etc, I also made new friends/classmates. Half of which are from international countries! I should be getting to know them better soon, I’m sure there’s lots to learn (:

One thing I like about coming to school (besides friends and learning), is that almost everyone greets each other especially to all chefs! It’s true about that saying “A smile goes a long way”. It does brighten one’s day.

My day starts off with a line up where by the sous chef and sanitarian check our grooming from head to toe. So this is the discipline part!! (bye bye long nails). Then we would discuss on a certain quote and the sous chef must ensure everyone is on the same page. After that, depending on our schedule, we either have hands-on or theory lessons. So far, I must say, I have been enjoying my time at ‘At-Sunrice’. Listening to the different chefs’ stories/life experiences were really interesting. It gave me a realistic outlook of a chef’s life. It’s not all about baking pretty sweet things, I’ve been warned about the long hours, the sacrifices I’ve to make and so on..  Yes it does scare me but if I don’t try, I wouldn’t be able to learn! So yup! It’s alllll in the mindset!! MUST BE POSITIVE!

My first hands-on will be tomorrow!! It’s gonna be my first knife skills lesson, which reminds me…I gotta label my knifes and iron my uniform. I’m offfff!!! I will try to update later this week. Thanks for taking time to read dear followers(:


Love, D


They call it post recovery

23 Oct

Hello, it’s been awhile since I updated this space!

Well, much has happened these few days. I’ll split this entry into three, like how I did before.


If you ask me how life is treating me right now? I would say pretty good, fair because I finally got into the school that I want. Something that I’ve been wanting and waiting for quite a long time. So yes, patience is key! If you’re reading my blog for the first time, I mentioned earlier that I’ve been accepted into ‘At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’!! And since my passion is in baking, I applied to a pastry and bakery diploma. I am so so soooo absolutely excited to officially start next Monday! Can’t wait to learn new stuff. I’ll be in a new environment, new routine, new everything!! It’ll be my next chapter in life!

It has been slightly more than 6 months since my discharge from TTSH and I’ve been recovering well.Yay, praise God. I have put my uni studies on hold (recommended by my neurologist) So basically, these past few months including my first month of rest, where my dad had to take care of me, where I had to be accompanied everywhere I went. Felt restricted but I know it was all for my own good. Thanks to my supportive family and friends. I wouldn’t say it was a wasted 6 months but an extremely memorable journey. I learnt/practised more on my baking, experimented here and there, definitely had fun. I also did some voluntary work at ‘Willing Hearts’ – really an eye opener for me and had no regrets. I spent more time with my dad too as he and I were home most of the time. We had some home-improvement such as painting our rooms, sourcing for new furniture (I haven’t moved house before nor changed my wardrobes!) I totally enjoyed my ‘no need to set alarm clock days‘, days where I could just wake up at any time of the day. I know most of my friends envied me of that!

Anyway, lazying away daily wouldn’t be good and me being me, I can’t just waste my day away just like that. So most days were spent baking, catching up on my tv shows, not forgetting my friends! Best of all was my vacation to several places like Whistler, Alaska, NYC and more! I have to say, I really am grateful for everything that has happened, truly blessed. I also created my other blog where I’d post whatever I baked for example the recent choc chip cake I made! Ooo I was/am still so happy with the outcome! You can hop over to for more of my baked stuff (:


2 days ago, I went for my regular blood test and doctor follow up. And, great news dear followers!! My next visit to the hospital would be in 4 months time instead of the usual 2. Hooray.. that means, less blood tests..double hooray! My white blood cell count was better compared to my previous record so my doc was obviously pleased. However, he did not reduce my medication further, like I hoped for. He explained to me that since school was commencing, too many changes were gonna happen considering my next follow up is a longer duration. I also told him about my mood changes etc so I think it’s best I stick to my same dosage. So now, my medication container is ‘bursting’ with my 4 months worth of medication supplies!!

Ah yes, on FB, I came across this awesome extensive info on antibodies-related to my condition and I want to share it here. Hopefully, it gives you readers a better understanding and answers the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions if you have any.

What are antibodies??

Antibodies are part of the body’s immune system. They are immunoglobulin proteins that help protect people against microscopic invaders such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, or toxins. Each antibody that is produced is unique. It is created to recognize a specific structure on an invading foreign cell or particle. The specific structure that is recognized is called an antigen. Antibodies attach to the antigens, creating antigen-antibody complexes (immune complexes) that serve as signals for the rest of the immune system to destroy the cell or particle.

When our body is unable to distinguish the good and bad

Appropriate antibody production and targeting depends on the body’s ability to distinguish between itself and foreign substances and to correctly identify foreign substances that represent threats. Normally, a person’s immune system learns to identify and ignore the antigens that are present on the person’s own organs, tissues, and cells. Sometimes, however, it will mistakenly identify a part of the person’s own body as foreign and produce autoantibodies. These autoantibodies trigger an inflammatory reaction that attempts to destroy the body’s own tissue in the same way it would try to destroy a foreign invader. An autoimmune response can affect a single organ (like the thyroid) or be systemic, affecting many tissues or organs. These autoantibody-induced responses result in conditions termed autoimmune disorders or autoimmune diseases.

Yup!! There was much more but I think this is sufficient. Everyday, I hope the researchers in neurology find some answers. Right now, there is so much left unanswered. I wish I could help. I’ve been thinking of having a fundraiser..just a thought! Okay moving on..


I’m Catholic and so I attend mass every weekend. And last week’s homily was on perseverance praying!

It is said that God speaks to us through the priest and so I quote from what I heard last Sunday “Prayer is healing; prayer is strength; prayer is hope” Honestly, I always have trouble paying attention during the homily but this time I was alert. There’s so much truth in those few words. They always say less is more. Through prayer, I sure did become better and a stronger person. I think I’m an example of what the priest said! So I feel it’s very important to share this today! (This has been quite a long post, I hope I’m not boring you!)

So yes, never give up praying. Never give up your faith. If you have given up or feel lost, there will be signs. It’s the only direction, right direction in life. You have to start believing in yourself and God.

Wow, okay I’ve typed a lot in this post! The word count here says 1,065!!

Since this was such a lengthy entry, I shall end off with a picture!

I wonder what story others will tell about me. Have you?

Love, D

World Mental Health Day

11 Oct


Hello! Although it’s slightly past midnight, it’s still 10 Oct 2013 and today is World Mental Health Day!!

It’s a time for everyone especially past and present patients who have been diagnosed with any type of mental illness to celebrate or encourage each other for they(myself included) have battled through this entire journey.

I say battled because it was, still is a struggle for me daily.

Imagine you were in my shoes. The one who is diagnosed with a neurological condition called Anti-NMDAR auto immune encephalitis at only 22 years of age. Life really proved to me that everyone suffers, it just depends how you take it and act upon it. No one’s life is perfect. It their life were perfect, they shouldn’t be on Earth. Anyway, without digressing,  t was definitely a struggle when people start labeling you, judging you, something that I know is hard to avoid these days. It made me upset, no more than upset of course. Everyone around me was affected, I was hurt. I felt no one understood me. I sometimes still feel people don’t understand my behavior, although I’m recovering quickly. I wouldn’t say my condition is solely based on my mental state (I’m not mental please!)

I just know how it feels to be slightly ‘mental’ as I had hallucinations, pretty bad ones actually. If you have read my posts in the beginning, I think I mentioned them there.

The ‘getting back on track’ stage was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve faced. For example, trying to get a part-time job. I couldn’t hide the truth about my condition and when potential employers found out, I was rejected no matter how hard I tried to show I was ‘normal’.  When I did go back to school (this was before my relapse), I knew I was labelled ‘the seizure girl’. I knew I had to stay strong, at least I had my friends and family and God as my pillars of strength. Thank God for them. I guess I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now today if it weren’t for them (:

Of course there are the memories, good or bad, forever in my heart. I won’t go into detail because I must move on with life. I cannot let it bring me down. This entry is supposed to be on wellness anyway!! So here’s a shoutout from me to you dear followers: “NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF FOR YOU’RE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!”

Oh by the way, if you loyal followers have noticed, I changed my template! Hope it’s still easy on the eye. I spent too much time deciding on which template was best. Argh, can’t be so indecisive! Whoops.

Okay, till here, thanks once again for your time! I hope more awareness will be brought on mental illnesses! I see there has been more articles on the news here in Singapore, so that’s a good sign(:

Love, D

Close to the end but not forever

9 Oct

Great news dear followers!!

It’s confirmed. School would commence officially on 28 Oct 2013 for me!!

Although I did not show how happy I was upon receiving the call, I was gleaming from within. I’m definitely hyped up about it! Counting down to my first day. I’m gonna be a student once again(haha) and yes, there’s no stopping to one’s learning curve. It’s also gonna be an end to my ‘pretty long break’ chapter and hopefully an awesome beginning to a new chapter at Sunrice. For readers who don’t already know..I applied to Sunrice – pastry and baking course/diploma. Although I have one in business, baking is what I really want to do and am passionate about it. So if there’s a will, there’s a way (:

I will still make time to update this space, don’t worry! I’m sure I’ll have loads of stories/new experiences, good and bad,, like my first burn/cut/injury or my first bread I made(never baked that before!) Oh yes, the friends I’ll be making. I hope I can find at least one or two with the same frequency as me. Heh. 

Alright so moving away from this topic..and onto my medical issue.  

I’m currently off my steriod (Phynetoin)!! So glad that’s done so now it’s less one type of medication for me, hooray olay!!

I also make it a point to jot down whenever I feel weird/act strangely or when I get those headaches I used to get before my diagnosis. I’ll be visiting my doc and having my blood test in less than 2 weeks time. And as always, I’ll be crossing my fingers that the nurse will be able to draw my blood!! I don’t think my doc will be reducing anymore of my medication because the plan is for me to be on this 1 year immuno-suppression thing. 

I can’t wait for the day I’m completely off the drugs! However, I feel too ‘attached’ or rather dependent on it for example, one night, I realised I didn’t have anymore of my steriods and panicked a little? To my relief but bad memory, I was told by the pharmacist that I was supposed to stop taking steriods after that night. How forgetful of me!! Argh. I always try to remember important things such as this yet I can’t rely on myself. I hope this wouldn’t affect my progress when school starts. I must learn to focus and concentrate more! *easy to say yet tough to act*

Anyway, I will continue to monitor myself especially when school starts. 

I’ll just end off with a quote of encouragement: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius 


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